Nancy and Philip
Co-founders Nancy and Philip

Coyote’s Coffee developed from the ground up starting in 2005 with the intention of developing into a boutique specialty grade coffee company located in central Vancouver Island. Currently, Coyote’s operated a retail coffee bar at Duke Point Ferry in Nanaimo and a wholesale/retail Micro-Roastery in Parksville.

Philip and Nancy, co-founders of Coyote’s, are privileged to be able to access some of the best organic coffees in the world and even more so to be able to serve those who seek an extraordinary coffee experience. Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of life for our customers as well as the farmers who bring coffee into our world.

Why Coyote’s Coffee?

For those who may wonder why the name Coyote’s, it arose from Philip’s involvement with First Nations communities across Canada as a clinical psychologist. After working with the First Nations for a number of years, Philip was often referred to as a “Coyote.” The name given to him was to embody his work as a “trickster and healer”. In some native folklore the trickster attempts to engage others in the possibility of becoming aware of reality in a different more self-enhancing way. To honour this unique experience they chose the name “Coyote’s” for their coffee enterprise. Not only does the name pay tribute to First Nations peoples, but it underpins our desire to make a difference in what we do with and for others.

Coyote’s is not only successful in locally roasting and producing high quality Fair Trade Organic beans to the general public, it also aims for fair pay and compensation for the farmers and co-ops they work with. The mission of Coyote’s is to work closely with small family-owned and -operated farms to promote the highest possible quality attainable given the eco-climate, the resources and the available skills. By travelling to these farms and engaging the farmers directly during harvest season work, Coyote’s is able obtain very high quality coffee resulting in farm to cup excellence In other words, “quality product from start to finish”.


In summary our desire is to be a transparent ethical business that contributes to the well-being and enjoyment of others through sustainable business practices and a focus on customer satisfaction.


We encourage anyone interested to come and visit us at our Roastery in Parksville to explore the difference a good even an excellent cup of coffee can make to your day .


Coffees are micro roasted using a state of the art roaster combined with computer-enhanced programming.

Synesso Espresso machine

Our Café

Our Café is located at Duke Point Ferry Terminal in Nanaimo where you can enjoy a warm or cold beverage and a light breakfast, lunch or snack while you are travelling to the mainland.

Our coffee is also available at:
Javawocky Coffee House (see them on Facebook)
Suite 8-90 Front, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5H7
Phone: 250-753-1688


The Roastery


Quality is our number one priority as we aim to provide the freshest coffee possible by roasting weekly on customer demand. We pay special attention to every step of the roasting process ensuring the roasted coffee is packaged in one-way valve bags in order to preserve freshness.

  • Custom roasted wholesale coffee
  • Competitively priced
  • Personalized custom designed bags
  • Home delivery in greater Nanaimo area (over 2lb)

The Coyote Advantage

  • High-end world-calibre artisan coffee at affordable prices for everyone.
  • Locally-owned and -operated with a focus on small business services.
  • Micro roasted coffees from Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Sumatra, Peru and Mexico as well as other countries on demand.

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Parksville, BC