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UPDATED: COVID-19 Service – May Hours!

Our staff and our customers’ safety and health are our number one priority as we take steps to re-open.

As of next week, May 12th to 14th, we will be open for retail coffee as well as drinks.  We will be operating from Tuesdays through Thursdays with shortened hours of 9 am to 3 pm. This will extend until after the May long weekend, which is when we will re-evaluate and update you for the future.

Protective measures are in place:

  • There will be no public washroom.
  • One customer at the till at a time.
  • The store will be open but only staff will be inside who will happily collect your order and bring it to you for contactless payment.
  • We will be sanitizing after each customer.
  • We ask that if waiting in line to stand 2 meters apart and to be patient while we take these next steps.
  • Lastly, if you are showing any signs of illness please stay home and have a friend or loved one pick up your order.

Anyone who has already ordered for pick up on Wednesday, we will have your order ready, but you are welcome to come to see us on Tuesday!

Picking-up (local)

Please email with your order, we will have limited stock so please read through the list before placing the order. Coffees offered at this time (updated April 16th):

  • Brazilian Medium
  • Colombian Medium
  • Costa Rican Medium
  • El Salvador Medium
  • Flores Dark
  • Ethiopian Dark
  • Kenyan AB Thambana Dark
  • Mexican Medium/Dark
  • Monsoon Medium/Dark
  • Peru Decaf
  • Sulawesi
  • Panama Bouquete
  • Papua New Guinea Peaberry
  • Tanzanian peaberry

We are not doing blends at this time. Thank you again for all of your love and support through this time.

Take care of each other,
Coyote’s Team