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Colombian Excelso

Our newest addition to our coffee collection.  Roasted at a Medium Roast these beans are not something to pass over. We have tested, tasted and sent samples with a select few of our regulars and they have all come back wanting more.

This bean is rich, smooth, and deep in flavor.  Taking on caramel notes as well as a brown sugar finish.

Colombian Excelso

A Little Background

Excelso is actually the size of the bean.  There are two sizes for Colombian beans, the Supremo and the Excelso. The Supremo is slightly larger than the Excelso.  Both beans can come from the same farm or even the same tree and give a noticeable difference in flavour profile just based on their size.

Colombian coffees are known for being well balanced with a very good body to them, and from our experience, we could not agree more.

This bean makes a great Americano and also pairs exceptionally well with milk, making a very rich Latté or Cappuccino!

If you would like to try this new addition we will be selling in-store and online for $18/lb, this bean will be available for all of our Loyalty customers as well!

Stay tuned for more beans in the near future!


Monsoon Malabar

Monsoon Malabar is a speciality coffee bean from India.

Monsoon Malabar

Traditionally, coffee beans once they are harvested, are laid out on concrete beds to dry in the sun. The Malabar beans follow the same method, however instead of being dried in the sun, they are beaten with the strong monsoon rains for 3-4 months. This causes them to swell up, lose their acidity and hold on to a beautiful smokey flavour present in many espresso blends.

We are excited to be offering more coffee with incredible back stories.

Stay tuned as we release more and more of these unique beans.