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Philip’s Mexican Journey

Mexican view

Our very own Philip, the coyote to Coyote’s Coffee, traveled to Mexico in January to work with coffee farmers in the Chiapas region. This region is located in the Southern most region of Mexico right next to the Guatemalan border.

Coffee production farm to cup

To make this journey he took a flight to Mexico City then another flight south to the city of Tuxtla.  From here he took a 6-hour road trip to the Mountains where he ended up in the small town of Yojalon.  Along this drive, he saw many sites of Mayan Heritage and was in the Territory of the original Mexican Aboriginals.  Most coffee plantations in this area are at Altitudes of 4500 to 6000 ft.

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Costa Rican Coffee – the Search for Excellence!

In our unrelenting desire to seek out the best coffees the world can offer, Costa Rica was a clear choice for us to source out unique extraordinarily high quality coffee beans. So off we went on January the 9th endeavoring to time our search with the peak of the harvesting season in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican map

Upon arrival, to the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, it was clear this was a coffee country taking extraordinary efforts to cultivate, harvest and mill coffee with a passion to become known for having the best coffee in the world.

Beans drying

In a transformational way coffee farms over the past 2 decades in Costa Rica have evolved increasingly into boutique farms seeking to cultivate a variety of coffee varietals using state of the art growing as well as new innovative methods to prepare coffees with different flavor profiles Accordingly there are now coffee green bean processing methods that are literally changing what coffee tastes like.

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