Tomatoes and beans

A Green Coyote – get 20% off!

Tomatoes and beans

Coyote’s has taken on the task of becoming more green, more environmentally conscious and are taking steps every day in the right direction.

From our roaster that produces 1/3 the emissions of a regular roaster, to our new 1 pound bags that are more compostable we are trying to reduce our plastic, reduce our waste and recycle as much as possible.

Milk Jugs

Not only are we recycling our milk jugs, but we try to reuse as many items we can including:

  • Shipping in boxes we have received
  • Reusing packing options
  • Reusing our own non-compostable bags as far as we can
  • Offering our chaff and coffee grounds to local farmers (sometimes we’re lucky enough to snag a few fresh tomatoes in exchange)

We are currently in works of acquiring paper straws! Did you know plastic straws and stir sticks make up about three per cent of shoreline litter in Vancouver, while Canadians throw out about 57 million straws every day!

Get 20% off!

If you bring in a reusable mug for your drink we will give you a 20 percent discount on your drink, all in hopes of a greener, brighter future for our island!

If you have any ideas for us to help with this initiative we would love if you came in to discuss with us! Grab a drink in your reusable mug and we would love to chat!