Bali Blue Moon Dark


A bold, earthy and chocolaty coffee, Bali Blue Moon hails from a family of low-acid Indonesian coffees. Subtle notes of vanilla, citrus, woodsmoke, and black cherry will reveal themselves to the experienced palette.

Bali Blue Moon is a strong-bodied coffee that makes an excellent Latte or Cappuccino – its flavours boldly compliment the sweetness of the milk. It appeals to lovers of a robust, cacao taste.



Bali Blue Moon Dark Roast:

The traditional farming philosophy in Bali favors the production of fair-trade, organic coffee. Most farmers from the Indonesian islands use “wet hulling” to cultivate their beans. In this process, farmers remove the outer skin from the cherries mechanically using a pulping machine. The beans, still coated in their mucilage, are then stored for up to a day. Following this period of time, they are washed and partially dried. The coffee is hulled in a semi-wet state, this gives the beans their classic blue-green hue.

Indonesia’s mountain ranges are home to many well-suited micro-climates for coffee growing. In general, Indonesia produces coffees characterized by low acidity and strong body, making them a great choice for blending with other coffees – especially more acidic coffee from Central America and East Africa. We’ve found that dark roasting tends to bring out the best flavours of our Indonesian coffees.

Today more than 90% of coffee grown in Indonesia is grown by small holders on farms averaging about one hectare.

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