Costa Rican Dark Roast


A well-balanced coffee, on the mellower side of dark roast.

Our Costa Rican Dark Roast will appear to those who enjoy the rich, balanced flavours of a dark roast without excessive boldness or bitterness. It makes for an excellent drip coffee or Americano.

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In our unrelenting quest to seek out the best coffees the world can offer, Costa Rica was a clear target for us to explore and source unique and high-quality coffee beans.

In Costa Rica, coffee farms over the past 2 decades in have evolved increasingly into boutique farms, cultivating a variety of coffee varietals using state of the art and innovative growing methods. The results of these efforts are bean processing methods that are literally changing what coffee tastes like. Micro mills are flourishing in Costa Rica (much like micro wineries and breweries have in North America) – Costa Rica is leading the trend among coffee producing countries toward micro farming and milling.

During our visit to Costa Rica, we encountered both professionalism and warm hospitality. The farmers and their families took great pride in their mission to improve the quality of their coffee, and they were absolutely committed to engaging their potential customers as if they were extended family.

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