Cuban Serrano Medium


A delicate medium roast with mild nutty flavours and overtones of herbal notes. Serrano is known for a great mocha hit, little to no fruity acidity, and a nuttiness one can savour. A natural smoky edge adds another dimension to this highly prized coffee. This coffee is often mentioned in comparison to the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

Smooth in texture, with a soft and sweet flavour, this one is a must try for any coffee connoisseur.

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Cuban coffee farming began in the Sierra Maestro Mountains during the mid-18th century. These mountains have an exceptionally ideal climate for coffee growing, and the beans are grown and cultivated under the forest canopies within rich soils and without the use of man-made chemicals. The beans grown here are equally superb when roasted medium or dark, a rare quality among coffees.

While Cuba has had a long history of coffee production, the quality and quantity of Cuban coffee experienced a drastic dip after the revolution in 1956. Family-owned, operated and perfected farms were placed under government control, and skilled farmers were replaced with unskilled workers. Only in the past decade has the Cuban coffee industry experienced a new “breath of life”, with improved farming techniques and increased government support – some are calling it the “coffee renaissance”. The ensuing rise in quality has brought a surge in demand for Cuba’s coffee.

Today, Cuban coffee is among the most sought after in the world. Well known in European coffee culture, it is particularly popular in France, as it is in Japan. Political events in Cuba over the past 60 years made this coffee difficult to obtain in North America, and we at Coyote’s have always made an effort to keep this uncommon coffee available to our customers.

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