Ecuador San Jose Crown Jewel


Crown Jewels are the top-of-the-line beans, picked for their sorting, growing, drying and community methods.  Sold in 0.5lb bags.


Ecuador San Jose  Crown Jewel

Each Crown Jewel comes with specs for the roaster to use as well as a lot of information about the farm, their process and the bean itself.  We are able to use this increased information to roast you some very spectacular beans!

Grown at an elevation of 1450 masl, by Galo Fernando Morales Flores and his wife Maria Alexandra Rivera.  This 175-acre plot of land has been passed down for generations in Galo’s family.  He started his coffee career by working in the export of coffee and has come back to his family farm to teach and learn this side with his family.  Through there hard work their coffee was awarded 1st place in his regional quality competition in 2019 and took home 3rd place in 2020.  Him and his family work very hard to oversee the growing, the drying, and the exporting of their beans and take pride in learning new techniques and perfecting their craft.

This bean is a mixed fermented bean, meaning it goes through two rounds of fermentation; one in the cherry, and one in parchment before being fully washed and then dried. This process not only takes about 120 hours per crop but also takes a lot of care on the farmers part to ensure that everything is being rotated properly.

This fermentation brings out a natural sweetness in the bean.  Providing notes of honey, brown sugar and chocolate.  The washing helps to balance that sweetness with a slight acidity and clean floral notes. By roasting to a medium roast, we let these flavours shine and cannot wait to hear what you think!

As with all of our Crown Jewels that come into the shop, we have a limit quantity.  In store we will have approximately 35lbs and we are thinking that won’t last very long.

Make sure you grab your bag before it gone!

We hope you enjoy!

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Weight 0.5 lbs


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