El Salvador Black Honey


Smooth, well balanced and with notes of caramelized sugar. Our most popular medium full-city roast, El Salvador Black Honey has been a winner since its introduction at Coyote’s.

Coffee enthusiasts will note the lightly syrupy mouth feel, floral notes and sweet brown sugar finish. Excellent in any type of coffee drink, those who are used to taking sugar in their coffee may find that the natural sweetness of El Salvador Black Honey is enough on its own.

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Honey processing has nothing to do with the honey produced by bees – it refers to a process in which coffee beans are dried in their own fruit or mucilage, and thereby steeped in natural sweetness. The coffee cherry has many layers which are normally removed during coffee production, but during honey processing, the sweet, sticky mucilage layer is left on the beans to ferment.

The length of the drying period, as well as the amount light exposure, determines the type of “honey” the coffee is classified as – black honey coffees are the most labour-intensive to produce, with long drying times and almost no light exposure. The end result of honey processing is a coffee with well-balanced acidity and subtle, intact flavours of natural sweetness.

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