Englishmen River Espresso Blend


50% monsoon dark, giving it a smokey, low acid, bold flavour, 25% Brazil Medium Roast, 25% Mexican Chiapas Medium Roast to give this blend a smooth base with the caffeine hit you need. 

A kick-start to your west coast adventures.



 Our Englishman River Espresso blend is a curated blend of our smokey, low acid Monsoon dark, our smooth and nutty Brazil Medium Roast, and our mild and chocolatey Mexican Chiapas Medium Roast.

All coming together to make a beautiful blend.  We have it labelled as an “espresso” but this can be enjoyed with any coffee-making equipment you like. This blend plays nicely with milk but is easy to enjoy black due to its lower acidity!

Named after one of our favourite hikes nearby we hope you enjoy it on your next trip out!

A kick-start to your west coast adventures

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