Ethiopian Tomme Crown Jewel


Chocolate, Jasmine, Caramel,

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Ethiopian Tomme  Dark Roast

Crown Jewels are the top of the line beans, picked for their sorting, growing, drying and community methods.
Each Crown Jewel comes with specs for the roaster to use as well as a lot of information about the farm, their process and the bean itself.  We are able to use this increased information to roast you some ver spectacular beans!

The Ethiopian Tomme is a Double Washed Crown Jewel, sourced from family owned farms in the town of Tomme.  The cherries are sorted, pulped and then fermented for 36-48 hours.  After Fermentation they are washed, placed on drying beds and turned every 2 hours.  The drying process takes place for 10- 12 days depending on the weather or until the beans have dropped 11.5 percent in their moisture content.

These beans are cared for from start to finish by the grower, and we have taken all of their information into consideration and have roasted them in a way that lets this coffee shine.

Roasted to a Dark roast this beans has notes of Jasmine, chocolate, caramel, berries and fruit.  It has a syrupy/ buttery mouth feel and all comes together in a smooth clean finish.  Depending on your brew method you should be able to pull out the flavors you are personally looking for with ease. This is a premium bean with equally premium taste and finish!

We hope you enjoy!

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