Java Tadar


A rustic and heavy-bodied dark roast with a lasting finish of smooth, supple earthy notes.

Deep tropical fruit tones, low acid, and flavours of cocoa characterize this dark coffee-lover’s dream.

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Java’s rich biodiversity, mountainous geography, and climate provide fertile soil, ideal elevation, and suitable weather for coffee cultivation. The use of the word “Java” when referring to coffee likely originated with Dutch traders, who smuggled coffee seeds into Indonesia in the 17th century. “Java” would have originally referred to single-origin coffee from the island in question, but the term became popular throughout Europe.

Indonesia’s mountain ranges are home to many well-suited micro-climates for coffee growing. In general, Indonesia produces coffees characterized by low acidity and strong body, making them a great choice for blending with other coffees – especially more acidic coffee from Central America and East Africa. We’ve found that dark roasting tends to bring out the best flavours of our Indonesian coffees.

Today more than 90% of coffee grown in Indonesia is grown by small holders on farms averaging about one hectare.

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