Maui Mokka Dark


A subtle yet superb medium-bodied dark roast, with medium acidity and strong suggestions of chocolate.

This complex cup has a light, creamy mouth feel, and makes for a lovely coffee to enjoy on a regular basis.

227 grams, Dark Roast.

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Maui Mokka is sometimes referred to as the “champagne coffee”, due to its small round beans and pleasant acidity. The beans are much smaller than average, and can easily be mistaken for peaberry coffee.

Maui Mokka originated in Yemen, and is renowned for its natural chocolatey and vanilla-like flavours. The term “Mokka” (which coincidentally hints at these chocolate notes) comes from the Yemeni port from which this coffee came to Hawaii.
Maui Mokka demands a slow brew to develop its full flavours. This coffee is meticulously harvested and cultivated, resulting in a cup of excellence winner.

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