Mexican Chiapas Grand Reserve Medium Roast


An evenly balanced and smooth medium roast, with unmistakable hints of nuttiness and notes of toasted corn.

This coffee appeals to many while still tasting distinctly exotic. Excellent as a black coffee or with a splash of cream.



Our Mexican Chiapas Medium Roast has a very special story to tell!

While Mexico is less well known than some of its close Central American neighbours when it comes to coffee, we have worked directly with a coffee cooperative in the Chiapas region to deliver you a coffee that is both unique and memorable. Located right next to the Guatemalan border, Chiapas is in the southernmost area of Mexico, where most coffee plantations are at altitudes of 4500 to 6000 ft.

Philip, co-founder of Coyotes Coffee, travelled to the region to visit, educate and personally work with farmers of the co-operative, who are making a firm effort to improve the quality of their harvest and refine their methods of coffee processing. Many Chiapas farmers are of Mayan culture, speaking little to no Spanish at all – the language barrier and washed-out roads made the trip quite an adventure, to say the least! The most eye-opening part of the whole experience, however, was the evident and desperate need to increase the well-being of Mexican Coffee farmers through cooperatives. Many Mexican coffee farmers are currently selling their coffee to multinational companies at starvation wages, and we are proud to offer the farms that we work with significantly more for their toils (and receive a higher quality bean in return).

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