Mount Kerinci Crown Jewel


Crown Jewels are the top-of-the-line beans, picked for their sorting, growing, drying and community methods.


Mount Kerinci Sumatran Dried Honey  Dark Roast

Each Crown Jewel comes with specs for the roaster to use as well as a lot of information about the farm, their process and the bean itself.  We are able to use this increased information to roast you some very spectacular beans!

Grown at an altitude of 1300-1650masl, these beans have been meticulously cared for by small, family farmers. These farmers not only grow and harvest high-quality beans but have created protective measures to help encircle and shield the Kerinci Seblat National Park and the Kerinci valley. This park is a beautiful piece of nature, as well as the habitat for the Sumatran Tiger. Not only are they working together to create superior coffee, but to protect what is important in their own backyards.

Once harvested the beans are sorted and dried in the cherry to create a natural sweetness within the bean once pulped.  Using a natural finish not only imparts the subtly sweet, smooth after taste but also allows the community to use less water and save it for other needs of the community.

This bean has cupping notes of tropical peach, herbal earthiness and slight acidity with a creamy smooth finish.

Roasted to a Dark Roast, this bean is something to savour!

We hope you enjoy!

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