The Pledge of Excellence

In the quest for quality, Coyote’s Coffee Co. is committed to seek out the best fair trade shade grown organic coffee beans available from around the world. We do our best to get green beans from world-renowned estates paying particular attention to fair trade practices and organic bird friendly cultivation. Through well-controlled small batch roasting, our green beans are prepared with extraordinary care and attention to detail. We pay particular attention to roasting beans to maximize the uniqueness of each country and region of origin.

We store our roasted beans in one way valve bags allowing for the freshly roasted coffee to breath while at the same time preserving freshness and eliminating air borne contaminates. The advantages of being a small batch micro roastery is many. To begin with, quality assurance can be our number one priority. Transparency in what we do is immediately evident to customers and we encourage our customers to exercise their curiosity by the friendly sharing of information on all aspects of exemplary coffee preparation. A commitment to cleanliness is a hallmark of Coyote’s. As well, we pay special attention to every aspect of coffee preparation using state of the art equipment and well developed quality control procedures.

In our effort to support your enjoyment of coffee experience at home, here are some tips:

Buy only as much coffee as you need for a maximum of two weeks use. Roasted coffee is very astringent, meaning that the more you open it to the air the more it loses its unique flavors and of course, freshness.

Always keep your coffee at room temperature. If the coffee is properly packaged it can last unopened for up to a month or more. Putting it in the freezer does not accomplish anything and may well act to contaminate the coffee beans more quickly if opened when cold.

Brewing equipment quickly builds up coffee oils through use and therefore can significantly impact the quality of your coffee. Coffee oils can become rancid and lead to a bitter after taste which then affects a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Frequent cleaning is recommended using one part vinegar to 5 parts water to back flush your brewer and pots.

Use bottled or filtered water for your coffee. The cleaner the water the more distinct your coffee will be.

Only grind what you need immediately before brewing. Ground coffee remaining in grinders loses its freshness after 20 minutes. If you get coffee pre-ground be sure to close the bag immediately after use.

Do not microwave coffee. This significantly changes the biochemistry of the coffee diminishing unique flavors and making the coffee bland.

Keep your coffee in a thermos container; not on a heater unless your pot has extra insulation.

At Coyote’s Coffee Co. it is our privileged to serve you in the best way possible. If you have any questions about brewing or related coffee equipment we would be delighted if you explored them with us.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Parksville, BC