Loring Smart Roaster

Coyote’s Coffee Loring Smart Roaster

The world of coffee is changing dramatically as Environmental Green initiatives and Micro Quality Roasting process has captured worldwide attention!

This roaster is the greenest and most efficient coffee roaster in the world! The Loring Roaster acquisition is the next level of our commitment and willingness to move towards a carbon neutral footprint as well as to refine coffee production with a state of the art odorless, smokeless flavor locking roasting system.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The Loring Roaster is energy efficient as there is no need for an afterburner; this coffee roaster reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by up to 80%. This roaster is smokeless and odorless as it has a built-in incinerator.

Coffee Consistency and Cleaner Cup

This coffee roaster is known for its superior control and consistency, enabling us to manage every detail of the roasting process and produce the same results time after time. Conventional roasters heat ambient air; Loring roasters recycle the air inside the roaster, so seasonal changes in humidity and air temperature have no affect inside the roast chamber, creating consistency year round.

Loring Smart Roaster

The key to the Loring Roaster is the highly efficient gas burner placed inside the cyclone, something unique to the Smart Roast system. The heat from the gas burner is divided by the cyclone into two zones. One zone heats up to such a degree that it incinerates all the smoke and odor before leaving the roaster while the second zone is at the right temperature for roasting the coffee. The result is a completely enclosed system that simultaneously roasts coffee and incinerates the smoke and odor that occurs during roasting. Because the smoke is incinerated in-situ (at the source), there is no need for an after-burner or filter of any kind.

The other zone generates the heat to roast the coffee. Here, Loring discovered a few rather convenient and valuable features of the enclosed systems. Firstly, with virtually no contact to the outside atmosphere, the consistency of the roast is guaranteed. Whether the roasting warehouse is steaming from a sweltering summer day, or personnel are rugged up on the coldest of winter nights, the enclosed atmosphere of the roaster stays the same.

The second major bonus is the decreased oxygen and increased level of humidity produced within the roaster. Because the burner is fired on a stoichiometric  ratio, there is little or no residual oxygen left in the air. Oxygen is considered an “enemy” of the flavour of coffee. And the burning of gas produces water vapor resulting in this amplified humidity in the Loring Roaster because it recycles the air and the humidity.

This makes the Loring Roaster amazingly efficient: compared to a traditional roaster with an afterburner, this roaster can save as much as 83 per cent on fuel costs, which means it produces 83 per cent less CO2, a known greenhouse gas. A huge additional bonus is that there is no need to clean the cyclone or stack; in fact, the complete air passage for the air used to roast the coffee remains clean for the life of the roaster because the machine is in a constant, inherent “self-cleaning” mode. The result is also safer equipment, with minimal risk of roaster fires, and less roasting time lost due to cleaning.

Internet Technology

It is called a smart roaster because it uses an intelligent processor, rather than traditional manual inputs to monitor and modify the roasting process and make critical time and temperature adjustments. The computer graphic program allows the roaster to make adjustments at just the right intervals.

Flavor Lock Process

The closed loop Flavor-Lock process uses programmed computer control in a touchscreen roaster interface to deliver reliable, consistent results based on predetermined roasting profiles.

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