A Varietal is a coffee from one country or single origin, not a blend of coffees from a few countries.

Latin America

Characterized by a bright, brisk acidity and clean, straightforward flavour.

  • Peru: Medium bodied with a delicate, brisk acidity, and sweet, mild flavour.
  • Colombia: Full, rich bodied and sweet caramel taste with excellent acidity and sometimes winey tones.
  • Mexico: Delicate in flavour; bright brisk acidity, spicy notes and medium bodied.
  • Guatemala: Distinctive rich acidity, often spicy or smoky, full body, big complex flavour.
  • Panama: Mild flavour accompanied by distinctive body and brisk to delicate acidity.


Turquino, Serrano and Crystal Mountain: A hint of caramel, with a wine and hazelnut finish. Truly the perfect cup of coffee. A totally clean coffee, with a very good body and acidity, very mild. These coffees have a very good balance and consistency.


Characterized by heavy body and a lower-toned, rich acidity.

  • Sumatra: A distinctive full-bodied coffee with a heavy, syrupy taste accompanied by occasional wine-like notes. Sumatra has a rich, resonant, deep-toned acidity.
  • Sulawasi: A heavy bodied with a creamy texture, with herbal and
    spicy undertones.


Characterized by a distinctive winey acidity, floral qualities, earthy with notes of blueberries.

  • Kenya: A rich, powerful, wine-like acidity wrapped inside a full body and complex taste.
  • Ethiopia: Darker roasted with a medium body, with fruity, wine-like tones and wild, earthy-spice notes.
  • Zimbabwe: Medium bodied, spicy, cocoa, and very floral.

Roasting Characteristics

Medium roasted coffees still maintain their Varietal characteristics. Dark roasting coffee tends to eliminate, or burn off, certain flavours that characterize Varietals. Roasting coffee darker brings out the oils stored deep inside the bean, sweetens the coffee and lessens the acidity. Some Varietals are better suited to being dark roasted than others.

  • Light Brown (dry surface) Tastes more like toasted grain than coffee, with distinct sour, grassy or acidic tones, very green tasting.
  • Medium (dry surface) The grain flavour is gone; a definite acidy snap, but richer tones and sweeter than a lighter roasted bean.
  • Viennese (slightly darker dry surface) Richer tones with just a bit of acidy snap
  • Dark Roast (oil on the surface) A slight, dark-roasted, bittersweet tang; acidy tones are almost gone
  • French Roast (very dark brown almost black, very oily surface) A definite bittersweet tang; all acidy tones gone, may have a burnt flavour

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