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El Salvador Black Honey

  • El Salvador wholesale flagCultivars: Caturai.
  • Processing: Black Honey is a process of drying on raised beds requiring the beans be turned every 2 to 3
    hours. Semi-washed, bagged Grain Pro.
  • Region: Sourced from Inter Finca, a family owned farm
    located in Tacuba.
  • Cupping notes: Rated at 88. An exceptional micro lot with
    unique cupping notes highlighted by delicate sweetness and rich butter like cocoa tones. Excellent as and espresso or a pour-over.
  • Elevation: 4000 ft.

Costa Rican Tarrazu

  • Costa Rica wholesale flagCultivars: Red Caturai.
  • Processing: Wet-hulled, raised drying beds, directly-sourced from Don Calderon for Coyote’s Coffee.
  • Region: Santa Maria de Dota.
  • Cupping notes: Rated at 90, this exceptionally rare coffee won the cup of excellence in 2015. Wonderfully fragrant conjuring up warm spices and fruit like pears poached in honey. Produces a lingering spicy ginger flavour to taste with silky smooth feel on your tongue. This is a sparkling and vibrant but also a deeply comforting coffee.
  • Elevation: 6000 ft.

Mexican Chiapas Grand Reserve

  • Mexico wholesale flagCultivars: Caturai, Bourbon, Pacamera.
  • Processing: Semi-washed. This coffee was directly sourced for Coyote’s Coffee from the Don Mario Co-op. This exquisite double-milled, triple-picked coffee high in the Chiapas Mountians.
  • Region: Chiapas, Yojalon
  • Cupping notes: Rated at 89, very smooth with cocoa overtones.
  • Elevation: 5600 ft.

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  • Minimum order: 69 kg bag.
  • Shipping: Next business day.
  • FOB: Parksville BC. We arrange transportation at the best rate available delivered to your door. Freight will be added to your invoice as charged by the freight company.
  • Direct Trade: these farms have been chosen based on Direct Farm and Micro Mill access. Direct Trade allows the farm of origin to select their best coffees for selected customers, bypassing middlemen or coffee brokers. This ensures the purchaser gets the very highest quality coffee while at the same time the farmer gets the best price.
  • Self-arranged shipping: you arrange directly with shipping company
  • Direct pickup: you pickup at your Parksville, BC, warehouse
  • Payment methods: Interac debit, certified cheque.

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